BX Anti Dripping Agent

Introduction – What is anti dripping agent?

Anti-dripping agents (ADA) are effective auxiliary flame retardants against dripping during the burning of plastics and polymers. It prevents burning plastic from dripping off and thus meets the requirements of UL 94. An anti-dripping agent is a kind of polymer with a coating on the surface of PTFE particles. The outer coated polymer is generally polyacrylonitrile, polystyrene, and polymethyl methacrylate.


Feature and Benefits

  1. Better flow than competitors’ product
  2. No agglomeration at room temperature, easy to store and handle
  3. Good dispersibility does not affect its surface quality
  4. Excellent anti-drip effect
  5. Improve physical properties
  6. Prevent fuse, improve flame retardant performance and stability
  7. Improve post-processing (printing, bonding, electroplating, etc.)
  8. Greener and safer
  9. Reduce the amount of flame retardant
  10. Good compatibility, less impact on impact strength in high impact formulations


Grade PTFE
size Mesh
Volatile Bulk density Suitable resins
BX ADA 200 43 / <10 <0.5 0.86 PC, PC/ABS Alloy, Nylon
BX ADA 201 50 SAN <10 <0.5 0.91 PC, PC/ABS Alloy, Nylon
BX ADA 202 55 MMA 10-15 / 0.95 PC, PC/ABS Alloy, ABS


25kgs per fiber drums with plastic bag.


BX anti-dripping agent shelf life is two years in cool and dry conditions.

Sample and Inquiry

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