BX Impact Modifier

Introduction – What is Impact Modifier?

Impact Modifiers are substances that increase the durability of molded or extruded plastics, especially those that need to be constantly subjected to impact forces like cold weather. They are added to compounded materials to provide performance features. They provide strength and break resistance to the product for which they are added. They also provide rigidity to the product to prevent it from wrapping or sagging during everyday use. Impact Modifiers also provide various properties to the product like optical and tensile strength, weather ability, processability, flammability, and heat distortion. Impact Modifiers are of different types


Impact Modifiers by Types

  1. MBS impact modifier
  2. Acrylic impact modifier
  3. ASA impact modifier
  4. PMMA impact modifier
  5. Silicone impact modifier


Impact Modifiers by Applications

  1. Impact modifier for PVC

BX IM 750 and BX IM 81 is acrylic impact modifiers for PVC, and BX IM 156 and BX IM 126 is MBS impact modifiers for PVC.

2. Impact modifier for ABS

BX CA ABS can be used and Compatibilizer for ABS.

3. Impact modifier for Pp

BX CA PP can be used and Compatibilizer for PP polypropylene.

4. Impact modifier for PE

BX CA PE can be used and Compatibilizer for PE polyethylene.

5. Impact modifier for Nylon

BX CA POE, and BX CA EPDM can be used and Compatibilizer for Nylon also called polyamide or PA6.

6. Impact modifier for polycarbonate

BX IM 365 and BX Im 330 can be used for PC polycarbonate.

7. Impact modifier for PET, PBT

BX CA POEG can be used and Compatibilizer for PET and PBT.


BX Impact modifier

Baoxu offers impact modifiers for PVC, and polycarbonate(PC) plastics below, in types of MBS, acrylics, ASA, and silicone.

table 1 baoxu chemical impact modifier additives

TypeItem namekanekaDowMitsubishiApplicationDosage  %
AcrylicBX IM 750B564KM-1Opaque PVC4-5
BX IM 81PA 20/B513Transparent PVC4-5
MBSBX IM 156B622BTA 707/717Transparent PVC4-8
BX IM 126B564BTA 736Opaque PVC4-8
MBSBX IM 225M711/732EXL-2690PC、PC Alloys3-10
BX IM 227M722EXL-2616PC、PC Alloys1-3
AcrylicBX IM 365M577EXL-2388PC、PC/ABS、PBT3-5
SiliconeBX IM 330S-2501PC、PC Alloys3-5
BX IM 331S-2100PC、PC Alloys3-5
BX IM 334S-2030PC、PC Alloys3-5
BX IM 335S-2130PC、PC Alloys3-5


25kgs per bag


shelf life is two years in cool and dry conditions.


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Impact Modifier brochure baoxu chemical

plastic additive brochure baoxu chemical

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