BX CA POE G MAH Impact Modifier for PBT, PET


BX CA POE G MAH polyester compatibilizer is based on POE by introducing a strong polar reactive group GMA (glycidyl methacrylate), so that the material has high polarity and reactivity, which can be used for the modification of polyester materials such as flame retardant, reinforced, toughened, filled, etc., which can effectively improve the compatibility of composite materials and the dispersion of fillers, and improve product performance. It can also be used as an alloy compatibilizer such as ABS/PC, PBT/PC, and so on.


POE grafted Glycidyl methacrylate


POE G MAH Application

1. It can be used as a compatibilizer for PBT, PC, PET, and glass fiber;
2. It can be used as a flexibilizer for PBT and PC;
3. It can be used as PBT/PC alloy compatibilizer;


This data is derived from the average value of product retention samples within half a year, and this data is updated every six months. The grafting rate standard is: <0.4% low; Medium 0.4%-0.8%; ≥0.8% high.

Test the projectTest dataDetection method
density0.88 g/cm³ASTM D792  ISO 1183
Melting fingers3-5(190℃,2.16kg)g/10minASTM D1238  ISO 1133
Grafting ratehighAcid-base titration


Performance Test Data

PBT+GF Test raw materials: PBT (Changchun 1100N), glass fiber (Jushi 988A); Test equipment: 35 type twin screw extrusion granulator

performanceunitPBT+30%GFPBT+30%GF+5%BX CA POEG
Tensile strengthMPa120110
Bending strengthMPa170160
Cantilever impact strengthJ/M90140

PBT+GF+FR test raw materials: PBT (Changchun 1100N), glass fiber (Jushi 988A), brominated epoxy, antimony trioxide; Test equipment: 35 type twin screw extrusion granulator

performanceunitPBT+30%GF+FRPBT+30%GF+FR+3%BX CA POEG
Tensile strengthMPa110110
Bending strengthMPa165150
Cantilever impact strengthJ/M65105

PC+PBT alloy Test raw materials: PBT (Changchun 1100N), PC (Teijin 1250Y); Test equipment: 35-type twin screw extrusion granulator

performanceunitPC+25%PBTPC+20%PBT+5%BX CA POEG
Tensile strengthMPaPoor compatibility, with stratification55
Bending strengthMPaPoor compatibility, with stratification85
Cantilever impact strengthJ/MPoor compatibility, with stratification750

25kg per bag.

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