Additive for Detergent


Detergent includes powder detergent and liquid detergents. There are some components two types of detergents share in common, which are surfactants, scale inhibitors, chelating agents, optical brighteners, water softeners, enzymes, colorants, biocide, and anti-redeposition agents, all the additives original are from China and are analog to brand manufacturers like BASF with same CAS and same content. Brochure Download(Detergent additives baoxu Chemical.pdf)

CategoryItem NameEquivalent to
SurfactantSodium Lauryl Ether SulfateTEXAPON N70
alcohols C16-18, ethoxylatedEmulgade A6
Linear Alkyl BenzeneChevetol
Cocamidopropyl BetaineBASF, KAO
Amines,C12-14-alkyldimethylFentamine DMA14
Alcohols,C12-14,ethoxylatedLutensol A9N
Di(palmiticcarboxyethyl) Hydroxyethyl Methyl Ammonium MethylsulfateTETRANYL AT60Q
MoreBASF, Solvay
Scale InhibitorDTPMP 7NASolvay
HEDP 4NASolvay
Optical BrightenerCBS-XTinopal CBS-X
DMA-XTinopal DMA-X
DMS-XTinopal DMS
Film FormerPolyvinylpyrrolidone K90Luvitec K90
Water SoftenerTrisodium Citrate Dihydrate
Sodium Tripolyphosphate
ColorantsDyes for polymersBASF
Titanium DioxideDupont, Tronox
BiocideMBS 5050Rocima MB2X
Anti-redepositionCarboxy methylcelluloseRheoflo ARD 90
EnzymeMulti enzyme 3GNovozymes
Multi enzyme 5GNovozymes

Detergent additives baoxu Chemical

Surfactant for detergent

Surfactants are one of the key additives that make up a detergent and are classified into four groups below

  1. Anionic surfactants
  2. Cationic surfactants
  3. Non-ionic surfactants
  4. Amphoteric surfactants

Baoxu Chemical offers a broad range of surfactants in detergents as Table 1 below,

Table 1 Surfactants in detergent

CategoryItem nameCAS number
SurfactantBX SLES 7068891-38-3
BX 10EO68439-49-6
BX LAB67774-74-7
BA CAB61789-40-0
BA DMA1468439-70-3
BA AEO968439-50-9
BX Esterquat91995-81-2
BX MES40754-59-4
BX Tween9005-65-6

Scale inhibitor for detergent

Limescale Inhibitors are used in areas of hard water where limescale build up can create a fur fouling in plumbing or electrical appliances such as kettles, boilers, washing machines, dishwashers and showers. Baoxu chemical offer inhibitor agents in detergent as table 2 below

Table 2 chelating agents in detergent

CategoryItem nameCAS number
Inhibitor agentsBX DTPMP 7NA22042-96-2,68155-78-2
BX HEDP 4NA29329-71-3,3794-83-0

Chelating agents for detergent

Chelating agents are used to surround unwanted metal ions found in cleaning solutions. Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate GLDA-4Na and Tetrasodium EDTA 4Naare the most commonly used chelating agent in detergent.

Table 3 Cheating agent in detergent

CategoryItem nameCAS number
Cheating agentsBX GLDA 4NA51981-21-6
BX EDTA 4NA13235-36-4,64-02-8.

Optical brightener for detergent

Optical brighteners are colorless to weakly colored organic compounds. When present on a substrate, optical brighteners absorb primarily invisible ultraviolet light in the 300-400 nanometer (nm) range and re-emit in the visible violet-to-blue fluorescent light to yield a brighter, fresher appearance. They are designed to brighten colors or mask yellowing in plastics, lacquers, paints, inks, detergents, and paper. Baoxu Chemical offers optical brightener agents in detergent as Table 4 below

Table 4 Optical brightener agent in detergent

CategoryItem nameCAS number
optical brightenerBX OBA CBS-X27344-41-8
BX OBA DMA-X16090-02-1
BX OBA DMS-X16090-02-1

Water softener for detergent

Sodium citrate is used to balance pH levels and as a water softener. It is also used in cosmetics such as make-up and lipstick, in baby products like wipes, in soaps, and, of course, in laundry detergents. Trisodium citrate is used as an alternative to trimer sodium phosphate in the production of detergents and liquid detergents that do not contain phosphorus. Baoxu chemical water softener in detergent as table 5 below

Table 5 Water softener in the detergent

CategoryItem nameCAS number
water softenerBX Trisodium Citrate6132-4-3
BX Sodium triphosphate7758-29-4

Enzyme for detergent

Enzymes are catalysts that increase the rate of chemical reactions occurring in a variety of biological processes including digestion and growth. In the detergent industry, commercial enzymes are used to provide a higher degree of stain removal, whiteness, fabric and color care, and overall cleaning performance.


Proteases, lipases, and amylases are the major class of detergent enzymes, each provides specific benefits for application in laundry and automatic dishwashing. Baoxu chemical water enzymes in detergent as table 6 below

Table 6 Enzymes in detergent

CategoryItem nameCAS number
EnzymeBX Enzyme 03Protease  9014-01-1
Amylase   9000-90-2
Lipase    9001-62-1
BX Enzyme 05Protease  9014-01-1
Amylase   9000-90-2
Pectinase  9032-75-1
Cellulase  9012-54-8
Mannanase 37288-54-3

Colorants for detergent

Colorants give color to detergent, titanium dioxide is the most common white pigment. We, baoxu chemical offer the most comprehensive titanium dioxide made in china, in original packages. Baoxu chemical water colorants in detergent as table 6 below.

Table 6 Colorants in detergent

CategoryItem nameCAS number
colorantsDyes for polymersmany
Titanium dioxide13463-67-7

Biocide for detergent

Detergents with a biocidal action include disinfectants, sanitizers, antimicrobials, antibacterials, and any detergents with biocidal activity. Detergents that contain biocidal active substances must comply with the Biocidal Products Regulation in addition to complying with the Detergent Regulation. Baoxu Chemical offers MBS and CIT/MIT biocide for detergent as table 7 below.

Table 7 Biocide in detergent

CategoryItem nameCAS number
BiocideBX MBS 50502634-33-5,2682-20-4
BX CMIT/MIT26172-55-4

Anti-redeposition agent for detergent

Polyvinylpyrrolidone and Carboxy methyl cellulose are a typical anti-re-deposition agent in detergent and Polyvinylpyrrolidone is also a typical anti-dye-transfer agent.

CategoryItem nameCAS number
anti-redeposition agentCarboxymethylcellulose9004-32-4
Polyvinylpyrrolidone K909003-39-8

Bleaching agent for detergent

CategoryItem nameCAS number
Bleaching AgentSodium Percarbonate15630-89-4