Antioxidant, UV Absorber, Pigment for IR

IR is an abbreviation of Polyisoprene rubber, which have similar structure and properties as natural rubber.

Key Features: low hysteresis, low rolling resistance, and high fatigue resistance. Both show poor resistance to oil, sunlight, and ozone and have limited thermal capability.

Main Applications: IR is widely used in tires, automotive mounts, shock absorbers, gaskets, sporting goods, adhesives, coatings and healthcare items.


Antioxidant, UV absorber, light stabilizers for IR

MaterialApplicationAntioxidantsUV Absorber/HALSRemark
IRtires, automotive mounts, etc.565320


Organic Pigment for IR (please click on the title)


Things to Know When Choosing Pigments for IR

①Good dispersion, high tinting strength, high hiding powder in rubber,

②Heat resistance, no color changing in BR processing,

③Resistance to vulcanization,

④Weather fastness, especially for outdoor usage rubber products in construction and building industry

⑤Good resistance to chemicals, to acid, to alkali, and to water

⑥Migrate resistance, no bleeding or blooming.

⑦Does not affect anti-aging properties of rubber products

⑧Non toxic substances contented