Antioxidant DHOP


Antioxidant dhop is a Polymerized high molecular weight phosphite, with excellent processing thermal stability and color-improving features.

Molecular Weight: 2100


Antioxidant dhop is a secondary antioxidant for organic polymers. It is an effective liquid polymeric phosphite for many types of diverse polymer applications including PVC, ABS, Polyurethanes, Polycarbonates and coatings to provide improved color and heat stability during processing and in the end application. It can be used in rigid and flexible PVC applications as a secondary stabilizer and chelating agent to give brighter. more consistent colors and improve the heat stability of PVC, It can be also used in polymers where regulatory approval for food contact is not required. Typical use levels range from 0.2 – 1.0% for most applications.

Chemical Name:

Poly (dipropylene glycol) phenyl phosphite


Weston DHOP


Appearance  Clear liquid
Color(APHA) < 50 
Acid Value(mgKOH/g) < 0.1 
Refractive Index (25C) 1.5200-1.5400
Specific Gravity (25 C) 1.130-1.1250

Handling and Safety: 

For additional handling and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


25 or 200kgs per drum.