Pigment for Coating & Paint

Coatings include automotive coating, industrial coating, architecture coating, powder coatings. Coating is sometimes also known as paint. Baoxu chemical offers pigment for coatings application as the table below, to replace BASF, Clariant, DIC pigment with much lower costs. For inquiry or sample, please help to fill the form below, and we will back to you with 12horus.

Product NameC.I.NoHeat TempLight FastnessAutomotiveArchitecturalIndustrialPowderComparable As
Yellow 13CPY-13200℃5-6Clariant GR
Yellow 14CPY-14200℃1-5Reddish
Yellow 55CPY-55200℃5-6Reddish
Yellow 74CPY-74160℃7Greenish
Yellow 81CPY-81200℃6Lemon Yellow
Yellow 83CPY-83200℃7-8Transparent
Yellow 138CPY-138240℃1-8BASF 0961
Yellow 139CPY-139250℃7-8Reddish
Yellow 151CPY-151250℃9Clariant H4G
Yellow 154CPY-154250℃8Clariant H3G
Yellow 191CPY-191260℃7Non halogen
Orange 13CPO-13200℃5Yellowish
Orange 34CPO-34220℃5Bluish
Orange 36CPO-36180℃8Bluish
Orange 73CPO-73250℃7-8Bright yellowish
Red 482CPR-48:2180℃6Yellowish
Red 483CBPR-48:3180℃6Bluish
Red 483CYPR-48:3180℃6Yellowish
Red 571CPR-57:1180℃6Bluish
Red 112CPR-112200℃3-4Clariant FGR
Red 122CPR-122280℃8Yellowish
Red 170C3PR-170200℃6-7Clariant F3RK
Red 170C5PR-170200℃6-7Clariant F5RK
Red 177CPR-177250℃8BASF A3B
Red 254CPR-254200℃8Ciba 2030
Violet 19CPV-19280℃8Clariant E5B
Violet 23CPV-23220℃7Clariant RL
Blue 151CPB-15:1280℃7BASF 6950
Blue 152CPB-15:2280℃7Reddish
Blue 153CBPB-15:3280℃7BASF 7072
Blue 153CRPB-15:3280℃7Greenish
Blue 154CPB-15:4280℃7High transparent
Blue 60CPB-60280℃8Ciba A3R
Green 7CPG-7280℃7Yellowish


Remark: product name explanation, for example, Yellow 13C, yellow stand for the color group, 13 stands for color index number, C stands for application of the coating.

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