Antioxidant 4500, CAS 13003-12-8

Chemical Name:

4,4′-Butylidenebis(6-tert-butyl-3-methylphenyl ditridecyl phosphite) (BBDP)
Molecular weight: 1240


Synonym name:

Antioxidant BBDP,  CS 4500



Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquid
Phosphorus content (%) 4.8
Shade number (APHA) <100

Acid value (mg KOH/g) <0.10

Refractive index (25°C) 1.4880-1.4950

Specific gravity (25°C) 0.940-0.960



Antioxidant BX AO 4500 is a high-efficiency aryl alkyl phosphite antioxidant. It is often used in conjunction with metal stabilizers or epoxy stabilizers to effectively improve the corrosion resistance of polymers such as PVC, ABS, polyurethane, and thermoplastics.
Antioxidant 4500 has excellent hydrolysis resistance and heat resistance. When its addition amount is only 1/3 of the antioxidant TNPP, it can provide better thermal stability. Antioxidant 4500 can also play a role in improving the weather resistance of products. Remarkable effect Even at a low addition amount, it also has a good anti-ultraviolet effect suggested addition amount: 0.05~1.0%.


Handling and Safety: 

For additional handling and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.



200kgs per drum.