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antioxidant dstp dstdp irganox ps 802 baoxu chemical additivesforpolymerIrganox PS 802, antioxidant DSTDP, CAS 693-36-7

Chemical Name:  

Distearyl thiodipropionate

Formula C42H82O4S  China Irganox PS 800 Antioxidant DLTDP,antioxidant DLTP chemical structure info@baoxuche.com
Molecular Weight 683
CAS# 693-36-7


Antioxidant DSTP, Irganox PS 802, Cyanox Stdp


Appearance White crystalline powder
Ash Max.0.10%
Melting point 63.5-68.5℃
Solubility(20℃) Water <0.1
MeoH <0.01
EtoH <0.01
Acetone U
Ch2Cl2 S
Hexane S


>Antioxidant dstdp is a good auxiliary antioxidant and is widely used in polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, ABS and lubricating oil. It has high-melting and low- volatility.

>Irganox ps 802 can also be used in combination with phenolic antioxidants and ultraviolet absorbers to produce synergistic effect.

Handing and Safety: 

>FDA approved antioxidant dstp for the manufacture of resinous/polymeric coatings in safe contact with food for articles for use in all stages of production, processing, packaging, and transport of food, 21CFR175.300.

>For additional handing and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


Packed with plastic bag in composite plastic woven sack, Net 25kg/bag,1000kg/pallet, 10pallet/20’FCL,or according to customers’ requirements.


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