Polypropylene Flame Retardant(APP) FR PP V0 A


Ammonium polyphosphate APP(II.) is a series of phosphorus and nitrogen intumescent inorganic flame retardants. Among them, FR PP V0 A is a melamine-treated high polymerization degree crystalline type II ammonium polyphosphate product. The product has a high content of P and N flame retardant elements, good thermal stability, and almost neutral, non-toxic, and low smoke. With other gas sources and carbon sources, the carbon forming and expansion mechanism play a flame retardant and fire prevention role.


Test past:

–UL94 V0 (0.75mm)



Good thermal stability; Small viscosity, good dispersion; Low water solubility, good resistance to precipitation and migration; The degree of polymerization is high (n≥1000), the molecular weight distribution range is narrow, and the content of small molecular substances such as oligomers is extremely low; Type II structure has high purity; Excellent particle size distribution.


FR PP V0 A, a flame retardant for fabric coating, is a melamine-treated HF-APP(II.) product that can meet most application fields. It is especially recommended for intumescent coatings and plastics (polypropylene).


ItemsUnitFR PP V0 A
AppearanceWhite Powder
Phosphorous Content%29.5-31.5
Nitrogen Content%14.0-15.5
Water%0.5 max
Water Solubilityg/100ml0.6 max
Average Particle Size(D50) μm9~15
Decomposition Temperature260 min


Package and Storage:

20kg/bag; According to the general chemical transportation, store in a dry and cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.