BX Antibac Antibacterial Agent


Antibacterial agent Introduction

Inorganic metal ion antibacterial agent uses sub-micron glass or zirconium phosphate as the carrier and silver ion, zinc ion and copper ion as the safe long-term antibacterial and anti-virus active ingredient. Zinc ion and copper ion are essential elements existing in human body, while silver ion is safe and harmless to the human body. By interfering with the cell walls, DNA, or proteins of bacteria, they achieve a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect and have a good inhibitory effect on various viruses containing protein capsid.
·Compared with organic antibacterial agents, BX Antibac has better heat resistance, long-term release, chemical stability, and safety.
·BX Antibac can be used in almost all the fields requiring anti-bacterial and anti-virus, such as plastics, rubber, coatings, elastomers, fibers, non-woven fabrics, films, plates, pipes, and ceramics.


Antibacterial agent Portfolio & Brochure Download

BX Antibac has a rich product portfolio, including antibacterial powder, antibacterial masterbatch, antibacterial liquid, antibacterial fiber and antibacterial non-woven fabric, which can meet the requirements of different materials, different processing conditions and different application scenarios. BX Antibac antibacterial agent Comply with BPR, FDA, and EPA Regulations. Click to download BX antibacterial agent brochure baoxu

BX Antibac Antibacterial Agent Features

Highly effective antibacterial and anti-virus
The broad-spectrum antibacterial rate is 99.9%
The virus inactivation rate is 99.9%


Safe and healthy without irritation
Silver, copper and zinc ions are harmless to the human body
Does not irritate the skin or develop drug resistance


Long-lasting anti-bacterial and anti-virus
Antibacterial aging for at least 2 years
Stable processing performance

Good resistance to discoloration
Resistance to high temperature (600 ~1300℃)
Disperse evenly in various substrates


Outstanding physical properties
Small particle size and obvious cost advantage
Better transparency and wider applications


Antibacterial Properties, Biosecurity, Virus inactivating activity of BX Antibac

Performance of BX Antibac Antibacterial Agent in plastic

BX Antibac Antibacterial Agent in plastics

BX Antibac antibacterial agent/masterbatch can be directly mixed with rubber and plastic materials such as PP, PE, ABS, and silicone rubber to obtain antibacterial products by hot pressing or injection molding. They can be used for consumer goods, wearable products, electronic products, automotive interiors, household appliances and other products to realize product quality improvement and health upgrades.

Performance of BX Antibac Antibacterial Agent in Fibre Textile

BX Antibac Antibacterial Agent in Fibre Textile

BX Antibac unique small-size spinning grade antibacterial agent, with excellent spinnability, can be used for the processing of the antibacterial long fiber, antibacterial staple fiber, antibacterial yarn, etc., and can also be directly used for the weaving of non-woven fabrics and melt-blown fabrics; BX Antibac antibacterial fiber and antibacterial yarn can be used for weaving blankets, rags, clothing, and other products; BX Antibac antibacterial finishing solution can be directly used in the finishing process of finished fabrics such as curtains, blankets, and rags.

BX Antibac Antibacterial Agent in Coating

BX Antibac antibacterial agent has good dispersity and is widely used in coatings, inks, paints and other coating materials, imparting antibacterial properties to products by means of surface coating.

BX Antibac Antibacterial Agent in tableware

BX Antibac has been proven to inhibit and kill a wide range of bacteria and viruses that are harmful to human health, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella murine, Helicobacter throttle, and Influenza VIRUS HINI.
· In terms of safety, BX Antibac antibacterial tableware solutions comply with national regulations on food contact materials.

BX Antibac Antibacterial Agent in shoes

·BX Antibac antibacterial agent/masterbatch is directly added to EVA, TPU and other plastic substrates to produce antibacterial footwear materials, such as slippers, leather shoes, and artificial leather.

·BX Antibac antibacterial finishing solution can be directly used for the antibacterial treatment of shoe fabric and lining;
·BX Antibac antibacterial yarn can be used for the weaving of vamp materials, shoe lining materials, and insole materials.


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