Pigment for Inks

Inks consists of gravure inks, water-based ink, UV inks, and Offset inks, screen printing inks. Baoxu chemical offers pigment for ink application as the table below, to replace BASF, Clariant, DIC pigment with much lower costs. For inquiry or sample, please help to fill the form below, and we will back to you with 12horus.



C.I.No. Light








Yellow 12I PY-12 4 40 Semi-Opaque, good gloss
Yellow 13I PY-13 5-6 45 Reddish,transparent,good gloss
Yellow 14I PY-14 4 35 Greenish, transparent, surface printing
Yellow 17I PY-14 4 45 Greenish shade
Yellow 74I PY-74 6-7 45 Greenish shade
Yellow 81I PY-81 7 45 Lemon shade, good lightfastness
Yellow 83IG PY-83 7 30 Greenish, very transparent, good gloss
Yellow 83IR PY-83 7 40 Reddish, good strength
Yellow 150I PY-150 6-7 Inkjet use
Yellow 174I PY-174 High leveling
Yellow 180I PY-180 8 45 High lightfastness, good strength
Red 481I PR-48:1 5 45 Yellowish
Red 482I PR-48:2 4-5 45 High color strength, very transparent
Red 483I PR-48:3
Red 491I PR-49:1
Red 531IB PR-53:1 4 50 Bluish,good gloss,transparent
Red 531IY PR-53:1 4 45 Yellowish, good gloss, low viscosity
Red 571IB PR-57:1 4 50 Bluish,transparent,low viscosity
Red 571IY PR-57:1 4 50 Yellowish,transparent,high strength
Red 81I PR-81 5 70 Yellowish
Red 122IB PR-122 5 75 Bluish
Red 122IY PR-122 5 75 Yellowish
Red 146I PR-146 6 50 Bluish
Red 170I3 PR-170 6-7 50 Yellowish, good lightfastness
Red 170I5 PR-170 6-7 50 Bluish, Good Lightfastness
Red 254I PR-254 8 45 Yellowish, good lightfastness
Orange 13I PO-13 4 45 Yellowish, transparent, good gloss
Orange 34I PO-34 4-5 45 Bluish,transparent,good gloss
Violet 3IB PV-3 4-5 55 Bluish, good gloss,
Violet 3IR PV-3 4-5 55 Reddish, good gloss
Violet 23IB PV-23 5 50 Bluish, low viscosity
Violet 23IR PV-23 5 50 Reddish, good gloss
Violet 27I PV-27 5 55 Reddish,transparent,high strength
Blue 150I PB-15:0 5 45
Blue 151I PB-15:1 5 45
Blue 153I PB-15:3 5 45
Green 7I PG-7 5 45
Brown 25I PBr-25 5 45


Remark: product name explanation, for example, Yellow 12I, yellow stand for the color group, 12 stands for color index number, I stands for application of the Inks.

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