BX IM 980 PMMA Impact Modifier


BX IM 980 is an impact modifier for transparent  PMMA resin. It exhibits high transparency and high toughness.

BX IM 980 equal to KANEKA  Kane ace m-210.


● Excellent impact resistance;
● Excellent weather ability and uv aging resistance;
● Easy-tinting, good chemical resistance;
● Excellent machining performance and fluidity;

● No impact on PMMA transparency


BX IM 980 is widely used in the spare parts of automotive, electric, and electronics. It provides high transparency, excellent impact performance, and a good balance of physical properties while producing PMMA and PPMA alloy.

Typical Properties

Appearance: white powder
Particle size <10mesh
Bulk  Density: 0.28


15kg per bag.

Handling and storage

BX IM 980 shall be stocked In a ventilated and dry environment, the shelf life is two years. 20 kg/ bag. Conditions of transport for non-hazardous products.

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