BX Oleamide

Introduction – Oleamide Slip Agent Usage

Oleamide’s relative density is around 0.9 and its flash point is 210°C. It does not dissolve in water, but it has considerable solubility in organic solvents including ketone, ester, benzene and turpentine, and slightly solves in an organic solvent including ethanol and ether, and has good intermiscibility with resin. It can form monolayers on the material surface which has slipping, lubricant, anti-sticking, antistatic, fouling resistant, damp proof, anti-sediment, and dispersing. It is non-poisonous and permitted to be used for food and drug packaging material according to rules and provisions of the Food and Drug Administration of the USA.

Chemical name

Oleic acid amide

Equivalent to

  1. CORDA Crodamid VRX
  3. PMC armoslip

BX Oleamide Product Form

BX Oleamide are available in powder, granules and beads form, as photo below

BX Oleamide Powder

BX Oleamide Granules

BX Oleamide Beads

Baoxu Croda Oleamide Compare Table

Item nameFormTypeEquivalent tooriginal
BX ErucamideBeads, PowerErucamideArmoslip E
Crodamide ER
BX OleamideBeads, PowerOleamideArmoslip CP
Crodamid VRX

Product Application

Oleamide is distilled and purified by short-path molecular, which can be used as a slipping agent, antistatic agent, and release agent for polyolefin and PVC plastic, dispersing agent for pigment, dye, and carbon black, anti-blocking, leveling agent, and slipping brightener for plastic table printing(compound) ink and PE thermoplastic powder, as well as lubricant and dispersing agent for toner, color paste, and color masterbatch. In addition, it can also be used as a protective film for metal and lubricant on metal surfaces.


Technical indicators HG/T 4232-2011
(1) AppearanceSlightly yellow or white, powder or granular
(2) Chromaticity (platinum-cobalt Hazen)<400
(3) Acid value (mg KOH/g)<0.80
(4) Melting range/C71-76
(5) Lodine value range (g I2 /100g)80-95
(6) Moisture content/%<0.05
(7) C18:1 Amide content (GC) /%>66.0
(8) C18:2 Amide content ( GC ) /%<15.0
(9) Active constituent content/%>95.0
(10 )Mechanical0.10mm 〜0.20mm<8
medium/(unit/ 10g)0>0.20mm>0

Package, storage, and transportation

25 KG compound bag with plastic lining; non-dangerous goods and should be stored in shady and cool; sun protection and damp-proof during transportation.


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