UV Cyasorb 2908

Chemical Name:

Hexadecyl 3,5-bis-tert-butyl-4-hydroxybenzoate

FormulaC31H54O3 uv-2908-CAS 67845-93-6 Supplier info@additivesforpolymer.com
Molecular Weight474.76

Synonym name:

Songsorb 2908, Cyasorb UV 2908


AppearanceWhite to off white powder
Softening point>58.0
Purity≥ 99.0 %


>UV 2908 is mainly used in polyolefin plastic like PP and PE.

>It has excellent compatibility with UV absorbers, HALS, and thioesters. FDA sanctioned to 0.5 % in polyolefins.

Handling and Safety: 

>In accordance with good industrial practice, handle with care and avoid unnecessary personal contact. Avoid continuous or repetitive breathing of dust. Use only with adequate ventilation. Avoid dust formation and ignition sources

>For additional handling and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


25kg per fiber drum, 9*3 layer 27drum per pallet,or according to customers’ requirements.


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