Cyasorb 3638, UV 3638


Cyasorb 3638 offers very strong and broad UV absorption with no color contribution. Possesses very good stabilization for polyesters(PET) and polycarbonates(PC).  3638 is based on a benzoxaxinone structure which delivers a short-term heat stability up to 350 °C and a long
term heat stability up to 160 °C.

Chemical Name:



Cytec Cyasorb 3638


CAS No. : 18600-59-4
ELINCS No. : 418-280-1 (REACH registration is on-going).
FDA status: Please refer to FDA website for further details
Odor: None
Bulk Density: 0.52 @20 °C
Extinction coefficient (ε): ca. 13,000 at 370 nm
Appearance : Off-white to pale yellow fine powder
Melting point : 330 °C
IR spectrum : Conform
Color (YI, 2 g sample) : 4 max
Color (APHA) : 30 max.
Volatiles : 0.2% max


UV 3638 is ideal for film/sheet/plate applications such as solar cell, window film, etc

Handing and Safety: 

For additional handing and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


25kg/plastic bag, 300/500kg per panel


uv Cyasorb 3638 tds baoxu chemical

UV Cyasorb 3638 MSDS baoxu chemical.