Aluminum anodizing dyes

Introduction of Aluminum anodizing 

Aluminum anodizing process is widely used in industry. It can be used to prevent corrosion of aluminum products or achieve the dual purpose of protection and decoration, such as a wear-resistant layer, electrically insulating green layer, and paint bottom layer. Aluminum anodizing dyes are used in the aluminum anodizing process to color aluminum.

1. Prevent corrosion of aluminum products
Since the film layer obtained by anodization itself has sufficient stability in the atmosphere, the oxide film on the aluminum surface can be used as a protective layer. The sulfuric acid direct current electrooxidation method is one of the most widely used methods in industrial production.

2. Protection-decorative products
For most aluminum and its alloy products that require surface finishing, after chemical or electrochemical polishing, anodizing with acid can produce an oxide film with high transparency. This oxide film can absorb many kinds of organic dyes and Inorganic dyes make masks come in a variety of bright colors. This colored film is both an anti-corrosion layer and a decoration. Under some special process conditions, a protective and decorative oxide film with a similar appearance to porcelain can also be obtained.

3.As a hard wear-resistant layer
By hard anodizing aluminum and aluminum alloys, a thick and hard aluminum oxide film layer can be obtained on the surface. This film layer not only has high hardness and thickness but also has low roughness. In an oxalic acid solution, a hard and thick oxide film can also be obtained on aluminum products through anodization.
The porous oxide film can store lubricating oil, so it can be effectively applied to fabrics that work under friction, such as engine cylinders and pistons of automobiles and tractors. After anodizing, the wear resistance can be greatly improved.

4.As an electrical insulation layer
The oxide film obtained after anodizing aluminum and aluminum alloy products has a large resistance, so it has a certain effect on improving the insulation of some products. Anodizing can be used to prepare the dielectric layer of the capacitor, and oxidation can also be used to prepare the dielectric layer of the capacitor. Aluminum prepares an insulating layer on its surface.

5. As a base layer for spray painting.
Due to the porous nature and good adsorption capacity of anodized aluminum, it can be used as the bottom layer of spray paint and other organic films to firmly combine the paint film and organic film with the product, thereby increasing its corrosion resistance.

6. As a product surface decoration
Aluminum and aluminum alloys are anodized with sulfuric acid to form a porous oxide film. The oxide film and dyes are charged with different charges to adsorb various dyes, giving the product surface elegant colors. In addition to being widely used in industry, anodizing and dyeing processes are also “favored” in the field of science and technology. Many innovative electronic devices are applied to anode oxidation. In the future, aluminum alloy anodizing and dyeing will be used in more areas.


Baoxu Aluminum anodizing dyes

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