Antioxidant, UV Absorber, OBA, Pigment for SBR

SBR is an abbreviation of styrene-butadiene or styrene-butadiene rubber, describe families of synthetic rubbers derived from styrene and butadiene.

Key Features: good abrasion resistance and good aging stability when protected by additives.

Main Applications: SBR used widely in pneumatic tire, Latex (emulsion) SBR is extensively used in coated papers, being one of the cheapest resins to bind pigmented coatings.


Antioxidant, UV absorber, Light Stabilizer for SBR

MaterialApplicationAntioxidantsUV Absorber/HALSRemark
SBRTire process,etc.1520+TNPP320


Organic Pigment for SBR (please click on the title)


Things to Know When Choosing Pigments for EPDM 

①Good dispersion, high tinting strength, high hiding powder in rubber,

②Heat resistance, no color changing in BR processing,

③Resistance to vulcanization,

④Weather fastness, especially for outdoor usage rubber products in construction and building industry

⑤Good resistance to chemicals, to acid, to alkali, and to water

⑥Migrate resistance, no bleeding or blooming.

⑦Does not affect anti-aging properties of rubber products

⑧Non toxic substances contented