Aluminum Diethylphosphinate

Product Name: Aluminum Diethylphosphinate(ADP)

Equivalent Name: Diethylphosphinic Acid, Aluminum Salt, Exolit OP 930; Exolit OP 935; Exolit OP 945; Exolit OP 1230; Exolit OP 1240; Aluminium diethylphosphinate; Aluminium tris(diethylphosphinate)

Cas No. : 225789-38-8

Chemical Structure: C12H30AlO6P3


Aluminum Diethylphosphinate organophosphorus salt that functions as a flame retardant for engineering plastics such as polyamides, polyesters, and thermoset resins.


Typical Properties

phosphorus content /% (w / w): 23 ~ 24;
Low moisture or volatiles  % (w / w): <0.5;
bulk density / kg/m3: 250 ~ 400;

Decomposition Temperature (℃) (TGA 1% weight loss):> 350;
Particle size distribution D50 (um): 15um.
Packaging : With a paper bag lined with plastic bag, net weight 20 kg


Transportation classification: No regulated for transportation.

Packing: 25kg/bag; 1mt/pallet; 20mt/20’FCL.


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