Antioxidant DPP


Antioxidant DPP chemical name Diphenyl Phosphite, is a dialkyl phosphite that can be used to improve the color of unsaturated polyesters.



Antioxidant dpp is not only an excellent catalyst for esterification but also provides superior color protection performance in the polymer synthesis process.
It is a phosphite processing stabilizer, it can be widely applied as a non-stain & non-discoloration stabilizer and antioxidant due to its more rapid decomposition capacity of peroxide. With elastomers, adhesives, engineering plastics, synthetic resins, mineral oil and other organic matrices, it can improve the color and brightness of the products. Antioxidant DPP also can improve the plate-out performance of the PVC products.

Chemical Name:

Diphenyl Phosphite
CAS No.:4712-55-4


Weston DPP


Appearance  Clear liquid
Color(APHA) >90 
Melting Point,°C 12

Boiling Point,°C (mg KOH/mg) 218-219
Acid Value,(26mmHg) <15

Handling and Safety: 

For additional handling and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


25 or 200kgs per drum.