Antioxidant Weston DPOP


Product Name: antioxidant DPOP
Chemical Name: 2-Ethylhexyl diphenyl phosphate
Formula: C20H27O4P
Molecular Weight: 362.4
CAS No.: 26401-27-4
EC No.: 214-987-2

synonym Weston DPOP


Appearance Colorless Transparent Liquid
Phosphorus Content (%) 8.6 MIN
Acidity (mg, KOH/G) 0.1 MAX
Flash Point (℃) 200 MIN
Viscosity Range (Cps) 20 – 25
Relative Density (25℃, g/cm³) 1.08 – 1.09


For PVC and synthetic resin products, Antioxidant Weston DPOP is used as a chelating agent and auxiliary stabilizing agent. In addition to the inhibition of good color, it can also increase oxidation resistance and light stability. As an auxiliary antioxidant, DPOP can reduce the generation of color, which is suitable for polypropylene. As a chelating agent for PVC, DPOP can improve heat resistance and transparency (together with metallic soap stabilizers).
In ABS resins, Weston DPOP can be used as heat stabilizer.DPOP is also able to increase the flame resistance of the product

Handling and Safety: 

For additional handling and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


Transportation: Not regarded as dangerous goods.
Packaging: 200 KG barrel; 1 ton IBC tote.