Pigment Yellow 95

Pigment Yellow 95 conforms to FDA, and corresponds to BASF K1500 (formerly Ciba GR Yellow). It has extremely high tinting strength, excellent heat resistance stability,  does not migrate in soft PVC

PY95 is excellent in light and heat resistance, suitable for general-purpose polyolefin plastics. It can be heat resistant to 270~290 °C in polyolefin. No migration occurs in soft PVC applications. When used in HDPE, the warpage of the plastic has little effect. It can also be used for coloring polypropylene and PUR dyeing.

In inks, is mainly used as a high-grade metal decorative ink, and the gravure solvent ink which used for metal decoration and packaging ink.


Chemical parameter
The index number PY95
CAS number 5280-80-8
CI structure number 20034
EC registration number 226-107-4
Chemical category Azo condensation
Hue Red light yellow
Molecular mass 916.70
Molecular formula C44H38CUN8〇6
Pigment performance
Heat resistance 290°C
Lightfastness Level 7
Acid resistance Level 5
Alkali resistance Level 5
Oil absorption 45
Solvent resistance Level 5
Migration resistance Level 5
Occlusion Transparent type
Particle shape acicular
Halogen content (%0)


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