Pigment Violet 37

Pigment Violet 37 has a slightly better overall performance than Pigment Violet 23 and is particularly resistant to migration.

When PV37 is used for polyolefin coloring, and the heat resistance of 1/3 Sd can reach 290 °C, but when dosage decreased, its heat resistance drops sharply.

The light fastness of Pigment Violet 37 can reach 8 grades in PE, and reduction can reach 7~8 grades. It is suitable for general purpose polyolefin plastics, general engineering plastics.

Pigment Violet 37 is suitable for pre-spinning of polypropylene, polyester and nylon 6 fibers spinning, the concentration should not be too low, otherwise, there will be a color change.


Chemical parameter
The index numberPV-37
CAS number17741-63-8
CI structure number51345
EC registration number241-734-3
Chemical categoryDioxazine
HueBlu-ray purple
Molecular mass726.90
Molecular formulaC40H34N6O8


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