BX Antioxidant for Lubricant

Introduction – What is Antioxidant for Lubricant?

Antioxidants can be added to improve the shelf life of the product or to improve its high-temperature stability. while adding a stability margin during thermal processing.

Antioxidant additives can be classified into hindered phenolic, amine, phosphites, thioesters, and binary mixtures.

Hindered phenol and amine are used as primary antioxidants. Thioesters are sometimes used as secondary antioxidants. There is a synergistic effect when using different antioxidants blended together and the combination can meet heat and processing stability requirements.

Lubricant Types

Types of lubricants can be decided as categories listed below.

  • Engine and driveline lubricants
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Turbine lubricants (industrial and aviation)
  • Compressor oils
  • E-Mobility fluids
  • Refrigeration lubricants
  • Marine lubricants
  • Greases
  • Metalworking fluids

BX Antioxidant for Lubricants

Baoxu offers antioxidants for lubricants as the table below, please click on the product name to jump to the product page.

Group ItemNameCAS No.Physical FormEqual to
AmineBX AO L5768411-46-1LiquidIrganox L 57
AmineBX AO L6736878-20-3LiquidIrganox L 67
PhenolicBX AO 10106683-19-8PowderIrganox 1010
PhenolicBX AO L11541484-35-9PowderIrganox L 115
PhenolicBX AO L1072082-79-3LiquidIrganox L 107
PhenolicBX AO L135125643-61-0LiquidIrganox L 135
PhenolicBX AO T502128-37-0Liquid/
PhenolicBX AO T502A128-37-0Liquid/
ThioesterBX AO DTDTP10595-72-9Liquid/
MixtureBX AO L6468411-46-1LiquidIrganox L 64
MixtureBX AO L74/LiquidIrganox L 74
MixtureBX AO L150/LiquidIrganox L 150

Lubricant Antioxidant by Types

  1. Amine Antioxidant for Lubricants
  2. Phenolic Antioxidant for Lubricants
  3. Thioester Antioxidant for Lubricants
  4. Antioxidant Mixtures for Lubricants


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