Light Diffusion Agent LDA 100

Silicone light diffusion agent For PC, PMMA, and PS transparent plastic materials

Light Diffusion Agent Application

Optical diffusion plate Optical diffusion filmBy combining with PC\PMMS\PS\PP and other resins to give its excellent light diffusivity, it can also be added to the spray agent to give the film the light diffusivity.
Film for packagingTo prevent adhesion (opening agent), improve surface smoothness, keep good heat resistance, and maintain transparency of plastic film (PP\PE\PET). It has excellent temperature and yellowing resistance and high durability.
CosmeticsTo improve the use of skin, skincare and other cosmetics, the use of hand feeling, stability, and cover.
Painting & inkTo improve the surface smoothness and matte sense, surface hydrophobicity, can make the surface of the product has an excellent touch. It is suitable for coatings and ink additives with high heat resistance and solvent resistance and can be used to make scratch-resistant coatings for high-grade wood lacquers.

Main Component

A multifunctional micron spherical silicone resin powder

Chemical Properties

Insoluble, infusible and excellent heat resistance

Typical Physical Properties

Appearance free-flow white powder

Volatile 1.0%

Particle Size Distribution 1.0 pm

Refractive Index 1.43

Heat Resistance >400℃

Density 1.3 m2/g



Packed in a damp-proof rigid paper drum with two layers of plastic bags; 10/20kgs net weight per drum;


  • Stored in a clean, dry place to avoid possible contamination by dust, moisture, etc.;
  • Using temperature shall not be over 400 °C.


Recommended Application

Widely applied as additives in PC, PMMA, PS transparent plastic materials, high-end LED lampshades, lamps, lamp boxes, and liquid crystal display light diffusion plates. And also applied in rubber, cosmetics, coatings, printing, and other industries.


  • Generally added to 0.5%-2.0%.
  • Adjust flexibly according to the matrix material, the actual use, the material thickness, the surface treatment, and other needs.



Sample and Inquiry

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