Brominated Polystyrene(BPS)


Product Name:  Brominated Polystyrene(BPS)

Equivalent Name : Albermarle Saytex HP3010 ; Albermarle Saytex HP7010 ; Dead Sea FR‐803P
CAS: 88497‐56‐7

Chemical Structure:


Brominated Polystyrene provides outstanding thermal stability and electrical performance. It is particularly suitable for engineering plastic applications such as polyesters (PET, PBT, PCT) and PA (nylons).it has outstanding thermal stability. It is an ideal choice for high-temperature applications such as engineering plastics. Due to its stability, it can often be used where other flame retardants fail to survive. Due to its polymeric structure, it is non‐blooming in all applications. Excellent electrical properties provide yet another reason to choose this flame retardant for demanding engineering plastic applications.


  • Excellent Flow In Resin,
  • Superior Color,
  • Excellent Thermal Stability,
  • Excellent Melt Stability,
  • Excellent Non-Blistering Performance,
  • Improved Mechanical Properties,
  • Low Loading

Typical Properties

BPS   3010
Appearance White grain/yellowish powder.
Content % 66 min.

Melting point °C  150 min.
Volatile% 0.3 max.
BPS   7010
Appearance. White grain/ yellowish powder.
Content % 66 min.
Melting point °C 210 min.
Volatile% .0.3 max.


Powder: 25kg/bag; 600kg/pallet, wrap & strap; 12mt/20’FCL.
Granular: 25kg/bag; 800kg/pallet, wrap & strap;16mt/ 20’FCL.


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