Baoxu Marble Effects Pigment


Marble effect pigments are ideal for applications in home decor, construction materials, and furniture, daily goods, consumer electronic products. Marble effect pigments offer a cost-effective way to achieve the luxurious and unique look of marble without the use of real marble materials. And offers final products an attractive look to consumers.

With the lightweight nature of plastics, they maintain a marble finish without adding weight, making them perfect for lightweight applications like automotive interiors.


Suitable for most polymers: PVC, ABS, PS, SAN, HIPS, POM, PE, PP, TPR, EVA , PU

Heat resistance: up to 300°C

Light fastness:7-8

Recommended dosage: based on the desired effect


Marble effect pigments comply with EU environmental standards, ROHS, Reach, heavy metal detection, EN71-3, etc

About Choosing Color:

  1. The buyer sends us photo of final product.
  2. baoxu recommended suits products and buyer tests.

Marble Effect Pigments Photos

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