pigment yellow 55, Fast Yellow 2RN


CI structure number 21096

Molecular formula: C34H30Cl2N6O4

CAS registration number: 6358-37-8


Pigment Yellow 55 is less important than some other diarylide yellow pigments, especially the P.Y.12, P.Y.13, and P.Y.83. It shows a very reddish yellow, which is not quite as red as P.Y.83 or 114. The main area of application for P.Y.55 is in the printing ink industry, where it is used particularly in specialty products for packaging inks. A variety of types are available with different specific surface areas to satisfy customer specifications regarding transparency or opacity.

The paints market shows only limited interest in P.Y.55, although the pigment is occasionally used to lend color to low quality industrial paints.


Physical propertiesPH valueOil absorptionCovering powerThe average particle size
Fastness performanceHeat resistantLightfastnessAcid-resistant surnameAlkali resistance
Ink application Offset printing inkWater-based inkSolvent inkUV ink
Coating application Waterborne coatingsPaint printingPowder coatingIndustry coating

●Suitable, ○ Limited suitability, – Not suitable, nt-Not tested *Specific information available on request

Handing and Safety: 

>For additional handing and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet


Packed with plastic bag in composite plastic woven sack, Net 25kg/bag,1000kg/pallet, 10pallet/20’FCL,or according to customers’ requirements.


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