BX IM 365 Impact Modifier


BX IM 365 is an acrylate copolymer core-shell type impact modifier; it can effectively improve the impact resistance at room temperature and low temperature, and at the same time improve the weather resistance of the product; it is also suitable for high-temperature processing systems, and is will not occur in high-temperature hot runner molding systems.

BX IM 365 is Equal to Dow EXL-2388, Kenaka M577, Send an inquiry to check the comparison test.



1. Good impact resistance at room temperature and low temperature;
2. Excellent processability;
3. Excellent thermal stability;
4. Excellent surface finish and rigidity retention;
5. Uniform particle size, not affected by the mixing process


BX IM 365 is recommended for PC, PC/ABS , and PBT systems, dosage amount: 3-5%

Typical Properties

Toughener typenumber of copiesBx IM 365/5phrCompetitor /5phr
1/8 IZOD impact strength ( KJ/m 2 )23C82.3 _78.9
-30C29.823.9 _
Yellowing index ( YI)0.92.3 _
Tensile strength ( MPA)63.461.2
Elongation (%)127. 1116.5
Melt index MFR(g/10min)14.5 _17.9



Mitsubishi PC: S-3000F 100 / 1076 0.1 / 168 0.1

Granulation conditions: JSW 25mm twin-screw; L/D=42; C2-9/D = 240/250/260T

Injection conditions: TOYO MACHINERY Si-50V; Nozzle /T1/T2/T3/ Mold = 270/270/260/250/90 °C

Performance test conditions:
IZOD impact : JIS K7110 ; V notch ; Thickness =4mm
MFR: JIS K7210 ; 300CX1.2kg
Tensile properties : JIS K7161 ; tensile speed = 50mm/min; thickness = 4mm


Thermal Stability of BX IM 365 ( TG-DTA )

modelWeight loss temperature ( °C)
BX IM 365295.3331342. 7358.3

Test Conditions: N 250ml/min , heating rate 10°C/min


20kg per bag.

Handling and storage

BX IM 365 shall be stocked In a ventilated and dry environment, the shelf life is two years. 20 kg/ bag. Conditions of transport for non-hazardous products.

TDS / MSDS Download


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