Organic Pigment

how-to-choose-organic-pigment-baoxu-chemical- info@additivesforpolymer.comWe provide Color organic pigment powder and offer a wide spectrum of colors with different performance characteristics.  From traditional ones to high performance. Click on C.I.Index to check product details or use the application menu. Organic pigment list as follows,

  • pigment red 53:1, 57:1, 48:1, 48:2, 48:3 122, 149, 166, 170, 254
  • pigment yellow 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 24, 81, 83, 93, 95, 110, 138, 139, 180, 191
  • pigment orange 13, 16, 34, 36, 38, 43, 61, 64, 68, 71, 72, 73, 116
  • pigment blue 15:0, 15:1, 15:3, 15:4, 28, 60
  • pigment green 7, 36, 50
  • pigment violet 19, 23, 37

Organic Pigment for Plastics

NameC.I.NoTEMPLight FastnessMigrationComparable As
Blue 150PPB-15:020075Economic Grade
Blue 151PPB-15:126074-5BASF Blue K6902
Blue 153PPB-15:328074-5BASF Blue K7090
Brown 25PPBr-252807-84-5Clariant Brown HFR
Green 7PPG-728084-5BASF K8730
Orange 13PPO-1318053Clariant Orange G
Orange 16PPO-162005-64Economic Grade
Orange 34PPO-3420065Yellowish
Orange 64PPO-6430075Ciba Orange GP
Orange 73PPO-7328075BASF Orange RA
Red 481PPR-48:12205-65Ciba NBSP
Red 482PPR-48:22005-65Ciba 2BP
Red 483PPR-48:323065Ciba Red 2BSP
Red 531PPR-53:12003-43-4Clariant Red LC/LG
Red 571PPR-57:12203-44Ciba Red 4BP
Red 122PPR-12228085Clariant Pink E
Red 170P3PR-17020063Clariant Red F3RK, Yellowish
Red 170P5PR-17020064Clariant Red F5RK, Bluish
Red 185PPR-18526085Clariant HF4C
Red 208PPR-20825074-5Clariant Red HF2B
Red 242PPR-2422507-85Clariant Red 4RF
Red 254PPR-25430085Ciba DDP Red 2030
Red 264PPR-26430085Ciba DDP TR
Red 272PPR-2723007-85Good Properties
Violet 19PPV-1928085Clariant E5B
Violet 23PBPV-2326063-4Bluish
Violet 23PRPV-2326063-4Reddish
Yellow 14PGPY-142005-63-4Greenish, Yellow 2GS
Yellow 62PPY-622506-74Ciba Yellow WSR
Yellow 81PPY-8122075Most Greenish, Clariant H10G
Yellow 83PGPY-8322075Greenish, Clariant HR
Yellow 83PRPY-8322075Reddish, Clariant HR02
Yellow 110PPY-11028075Ciba 3RLP
Yellow 138PPY-13828075BASF K0961HD
Yellow 139PPY-13925074BASF K1841
Yellow 150PPY-15026085Special Type
Yellow 151PPY-15124075Clariant Yellow H4G
Yellow 168PPY-16823074Ciba Yellow WGP
Yellow 180PPY-18028074Clariant Yellow HG
Yellow 181PPY-18130074Clariant Yellow H3R
Yellow 183PPY-18327074BASF Yellow K2270
Yellow 191PRPY-19126075Reddish, Clariant HGR



Organic Pigment for Coatings

NameC.I.NoTEMPLight FastnessAutomotiveArchitecturalIndustrialPowderComparable As
Yellow 13CPY-13200℃5-6Clariant GR
Yellow 14CPY-14200℃1-5Reddish
Yellow 55CPY-55200℃5-6Reddish
Yellow 74CPY-74160℃7Greenish
Yellow 81CPY-81200℃6Lemon Yellow
Yellow 83CPY-83200℃7-8Transparent
Yellow 138CPY-138240℃1-8BASF 0961
Yellow 139CPY-139250℃7-8Reddish
Yellow 151CPY-151250℃9Clariant H4G
Yellow 154CPY-154250℃8Clariant H3G
Yellow 191CPY-191260℃7Halogen Free
Orange 13CPO-13200℃5Yellowish
Orange 34CPO-34220℃5Bluish
Orange 36CPO-36180℃8Bluish
Orange 73CPO-73250℃7-8Bright Yellowish
Red 482CPR-48:2180℃6Yellowish
Red 483CBPR-48:3180℃6Bluish
Red 483CYPR-48:3180℃6Yellowish
Red 571CPR-57:1180℃6Bluish
Red 112CPR-112200℃3-4Clariant FGR
Red 122CPR-122280℃8Yellowish
Red 170C3PR-170200℃6-7Clariant F3RK
Red 170C5PR-170200℃6-7Clariant F5RK
Red 177CPR-177250℃8BASF A3B
Red 254CPR-254200℃8Ciba 2030
Violet 19CPV-19280℃8Clariant E5B
Violet 23CPV-23220℃7Clariant RL
Blue 151CPB-15:1280℃7BASF 6950
Blue 152CPB-15:2280℃7Reddish
Blue 153CBPB-15:3280℃7BASF 7072
Blue 153CRPB-15:3280℃7Greenish
Blue 60CPB-60280℃8Ciba A3R
Green 7CPG-7280℃7Yellowish



Organic Pigment for Inks

NameC.I.NoLightfastnessOil absorptionOffset InkWater InkGravure InkDescription
Yellow 12IPY-12440semi-opaque, good gloss
Yellow 13IPY-135-645reddish, transparent, good gloss
Yellow 14IPY-14435greenish, transparent, surface print
Yellow 17IPY-14445greenish shade
Yellow 74IPY-746-745greenish shade
Yellow 81IPY-81745lemon shade, good lightfastness
Yellow 83IGPY-83730greenish, transparent, good gloss
Yellow 83IRPY-83740reddish, good strength
Yellow 150IPY-1506-740inkjet use
Yellow 174IPY-174740high leveling
Yellow 180IPY-180845high lightfastness, good strength
Red 481IPR-48:1545yellowish
Red 482IPR-48:24-545high color strength, transparent
Red 483IPR-48:34-545low viscosity, transparent
Red 491IPR-49:14-545high color strength, two shade
Red 531IBPR-53:1450bluish, good gloss, transparent
Red 531IYPR-53:1445yellowish, good gloss, low viscosity
Red 571IBPR-57:1450bluish, transparent, low viscosity
Red 571IYPR-57:1450yellowish,transparent,high strength
Red 81IPR-81570yellowish
Red 122IBPR-122575bluish
Red 122IYPR-122575yellowish
Red 146IPR-146650bluish
Red 170I3PR-1706-750yellowish, good lightfastness
Red 170I5PR-1706-750bluish, good lightfastness
PR 254IPR-254845yellowish, good lightfastness
Orange 13IPO-13445yellowish, transparent, gloss
Orange 34IPO-344-545bluish, transparent, good gloss
Violet 3IBPV-34-555bluish, good gloss,
Violet 3IRPV-34-555reddish, good gloss
Violet 23IBPV-23550bluish, low viscosity
Violet 23IRPV-23550reddish, good gloss
Violet 27IPV-27555reddish, transparent, high strength
Blue 150IPB-15:0545reddish shade with good gloss
Blue 151IPB-15:1545
Blue 153IPB-15:3545good quality, low viscosity
Blue 154IPB-15:4280℃7flocculation stable
Green 7IPG-7545
Brown 25IPBr-25545good quality, low viscosity
Name=Color Group+CI Index No.+Usage(P=Plastic, C=Coating, I=Ink)+Shade(R=Red, B=Blue, Y=Yellow, G=Green)




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