Solvent Black Dyes

Typical solvent black dyes for plastics are listed as the table below. For inquiry or sample, please help to fill the form below and we will back within 12hours.

Product C.I.IndexSynonymsCAS No 
Solvent Black 3SBL 3Oil Black H3B4197-25-5


solvent black 3

solvent black 3, transparent black 4b Properties Color: black Heat Resistance: 260℃ immigration resistance: 3-4 heat resistance: 5 acid and alkali resistance: 4-5 light fastness:5 Application: application of solvent black 3 as the table below PS SAN RPVC PA66 PES fiber  AS PMMA PPO PA6 PC ABS PBT PET ● ● ●   ●   ●   ●  ●   ●   ●   ● ●   ●   ● ●Suitable, ○ Limited suitability, – Not suitable, nt-Not…