BX ADA 202 Anti-Dripping Agent


Form: Powder Particle

Color: White

Size: 10-15 mesh

Density: 0.95g/cm3

Decomposition temperature: 499℃

PTFE content: 55%

Product Information

BX ADA 202 is specially modified polytetrafluoroethylene, which is added to plastics to play the role of flame retardant and anti dripping, so that the material can reach a higher flame retardant standard. It has excellent dispersibility, compatibility, and ease of operation. It can be used for injection molding products without wrinkling, black and white products without spots, and the surface gloss of the products is significantly improved. It is especially suitable for PC, PC/ABS modification with a high-gloss mirror effect. This is a feature that other anti-drip agents do not have.

Product Features

  1. Small residual amount of catalyst, which does not affect the post-injection effect.
  2. Encapsulated polymer MMA, high gloss
  3. Good processing fluidity and excellent dispersion effect.


PC, PA flame retardant system: 0.15—0.2%

PC/ABS and other alloy systems: 0.2-0.3%

ABS flame retardant system: 0.3%


In a ventilated and dry environment, the shelf life is two years. Net weight 25kg/bag, lined with PP film.