BX NA 3988 Nucleating Agent


Chemical name: Clarifying agent 3988,  1,3:2,4-Bis(3,4-dimethylbenzylidene)-D-sorbitol

CAS 135861-56-2

Synonym: Milliken Millad 3988


  1. Improve optical performance, provide excellent gloss and transparency,
  2. Speed up crystallization, effectively improve product processing stability, and production speed.
  3. Refine the crystal grain shape,
  4. Improve the crystallization rate of products.


Appearance White powder

Assay 98.0% min

Ash content 0.2% max

Volatiles 0.5% max


BX NA 98 is a Sorbitol-based nuclear-clarifying agent (NCAs), with small dosages it can improve polypropylene’s transparency

20 per bag.

Handling and storage

BX NA 3988 shall be stocked In a ventilated and dry environment, the shelf life is two years. 20 kg/ bag. Conditions of transport for non-hazardous products.

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