Polyethylene Flame Retardant masterbatch



Polyethylene Flame Retardant Masterbatch FR PE MB is a flame retardant masterbatch that is suitable for polyethylene, especially used in PE injection and extrusion.


Fire resistance, well dispersity, and excellent compatibility with matrix resin.



Polyethylene Flame Retardant masterbatch is suitable for use in various processes such as Injection and Extrusion of PE. Polyethylene building safety nets, Mine pipes, Plates, Threading pipes.



Appearance:White Round Granule
Flame Retardant Content:80% min
Moisture:3000 ppm max
Specific Gravity:1.9±0.2 g/cm3
ApplicationPE Injection and Extrusion
Dosage (UL94 V0):15-25%

Package and Storage:

20kgs or 25kgs kraft bag with double PE inner. By customer’s requirements. Handle with care, and keep air-tight and dry.