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Pigment Yellow 139(H2R/3R)

Pigment Yellow 139 is a transparent red shade yellow pigment, recommended for films and PP fibers application. There are two-grade PY 139, which 2R is Comparable With BASF K1841, which 3R is Comparable With BASF 2140.

P.Y.139  is halogen-free and cost-effective, could mix together with Inorganic to replace chrome yellow, and replace pigment yellow 83 of benzidine structure.

P.Y.139 shows average tinctorial strength in plastics. Approximately 1% pigment is required to produce 1/3 SD samples in plasticized PVC containing 5% TiO2.

C.I.Pigment Yellow 139 could color becomes duller at higher temperatures than 250℃, which is a result of pigment decomposition.

P.Y.139 is bleed resistant in plasticized PVC.


Synonym name: yellow 2r, yellow 3r, C.I.Pigment Yellow 139, P.Y.139, PY 139, C.I.56298, yellow 2r, yellow 3r
CAS Number: 36888-99-0
EU Number: 253-256-2
Chemical Family: Isoindolinone
Chemical Structure

Pigment-yellow-139-CAS 36888-99-0-chemical-structure-baoxu-chemical

Application Data

Heat Resistance In HDPE(Dark-1% Tio2, Light-Without Tio2)

HDPEHeat resistance250
Fastness to migration3/nt
Light Fastness FS/WR7/7
Weather Fastness FS/WR3/ nt
Warpage in HDPElow
PVCFastness to migration4/nt
Light Fastness FS/WR7/7
Weather Fastness FS/WR3/nt
ApplicationPolyolefins (PP/HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE)
  • Suitable, ○ Limited suitability, – Not suitable, nt-Not tested *Specific information available on request


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