BX IM 227 Impact Modifier


BX IM 227 is a high-impact, burst-proof resin reinforcing agent with excellent compatibility with resin systems. It is recommended to be used in PC-related product systems with high impact strength, high elongation, screw cracking, and chemical resistance.

BX IM 227 is Equal to Dow EXL-2616, Kenaka M722, Send an inquiry to check the comparison test.


1. It has good impact resistance in PC systems;
2. In PC products, it has an excellent elongation at break, and the products have better explosion-proof performance and anti-beat performance;
3. It has good chemical resistance and can be applied to systems such as spraying and soaking solvents;
4. Structural features: hydroxyl silicon-modified methacrylic acid-butadiene-styrene.


BX IM 227 is recommended for PC, PC/ABS, and other resins, adding BX IM 227 to mix and granulate (suitable temperature: 240-300°C), or directly mix and inject, to obtain high-impact, impact-resistant products. The product is also suitable for PC/ABS, PC+GF, PC/PBT, and PC/PET systems.
Recommended dosage: 1-3%

The picture above is PC+10%GF, soaked in glacial acetic acid for 10 minutes, no cracking.

Typical Properties

Appearance: white powder
Specific gravity: 0.96
Volatile matter: < 0.2%
Thermal weight loss: 323°C (1%)
Moisture:< 1%..


Comparison Tests

Formula Design

PC ItemRatioBrand impact modifierBX IM 227Antioxidant 1010Antioxidant 168
PC 280599% & 97%1% & 3%/0. 10%0. 10%
PC 280599% & 97%/1% & 3%0. 10%0. 10%


Data of tests

SpecificationsSpecificationsStandardBrand impact modifierBX IM 227
tensile strengthMPaASTM D63866. 26369. 667. 6
elongation at break%ASTM D638120.4122138. 2137
Bending strengthMPaASTM D790898589. 885
Flexural modulusMPaASTM D7901836174117881716
Cantilever notched impact strength 23CkJ/m2ASTM D63878. 874. 79085

Results Analysis:

1. BX IM 227 has an excellent elongation at break and notched impact performance in PC applications. Materials using BX IM 227 have excellent performance in impact resistance, drop test, ball drop test, stress cracking test, and random artificial detection. Good anti-burst performance.
2. Immersion CCL4 test:
Carbon tetrachloride is a very strong non-polar solvent, which can dissolve most polycarbonate that has not been treated with chemical resistance. After soaking for a short time, most of its properties will be lost, or even completely burst. The polycarbonate added with BX IM 227 not only maintains the integrity of the spline but also maintains most of the physical properties of polycarbonate.


20kg per bag.

Handling and storage

BX IM 227 shall be stocked In a ventilated and dry environment, the shelf life is two years. 20 kg/ bag. Conditions of transport for non-hazardous products.

TDS / MSDS Download

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