DP310 Hyper Dispersant


DP310 Dispersant Introduction

DP310 Hyper Dispersant is a high-performance dispersant used in Thermoplastics, with great heat resistance and dispersion performance, used to replace Lubrizol Solplus DP310.


Nature color: White Powder

Chemical Structure Contains Polyester Molecular Chains

Temperature resistance up to 350°C


Performance and Features

  •  DB310 Hyperdispersant is a general-purpose dispersant. It has a wide range of applications and can meet various application requirements such as extrusion, blow molding, injection molding, and profile cores. Performance is much higher than stearic acid, polyethylene wax and EBS and other dispersants.
  •  Good dispersion effect; reduce the time and energy needed to complete the dispersion process, and the dispersion is stable without secondary agglomeration.
  •  Good compatibility with matrix and filler.
  •  Stable processing and improved processing performance.
  •  Improve fluidity, improve product appearance, and increase output.

DP310 Dispersant  Application

  •  Filling modification of thermoplastics; it is especially recommended for high-mesh and difficult-to-disperse fillers, with good and stable dispersion effects and a certain effect of improving gloss.
  •  Color masterbatch and color matching industry; it is especially recommended to be used in titanium dioxide and carbon black masterbatch, which has obvious effects.
  •  In terms of flame retardant materials, it has good dispersion in the formula system, which is beneficial to improve the flame retardant effect.
  •  DB310 hyperdispersant needs to be pre-mixed with resin, pigment or filler through a screw mixer or high-speed mixer, and the subsequent processing of the mixture is the same as the customer’s original process.


  • We recommend the dosage of DB310 hyper dispersant as follows:

Dispersion object 1-10% (weight part of filler) or

Formula percentage 1-5‰


Product Package

DB310 hyperdispersant is white particles. Packed in a paper bag or PE bag, 25kg per carton. 20 packs per pallet, the net weight of each pallet is 500 kg, and the outside is wrapped with stretch film.


Handled as non-hazardous according to current practice. We can provide material safety performance data for reference. For more performance, please refer to MSDS or consult a sales representative.


Sample and Inquiry

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