Antioxidant BX AO 1171


Antioxidant BX AO 1171 is mainly used in nylon including PA6, PA66,etc, Both for molded parts, fibers, and films. BX AO 1171 can also be used in combination with UV absorbers like BX UV 312 and light stabilizers like BX UV 622 to provide enhanced performance.

Antioxidant BX AO 1171 is a blend of BX AO 1098 and BX AO 168, CAS NUMBER (BX AO 1098) 23128-74-7; CAS NUMBER (BX AO 168) 31570-04-4.


Product Form:                   Solid

Melting Point:                    >155℃


For Polyamide products like molded, fiber, etc.

Handling and Safety: 

The components of BX AO 1171 have been cleared for use in nylon (polyamide) resins under 21 CFR §178.2010. Please contact your Mayzo representative for complete details, including restrictions of use.


To maintain product integrity, store indoors in a cool dry place, preferably at 25°C (77°F) or below.

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