Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) 9614

PPA Introduction

Polymer Processing Aids are free-flowing additives made of modified fluoro-elastomer which improve the processing of polyolefin resin at very low levels of usage. BX Polymer Processing Aids are coated at the inside of the die wall and decrease the friction between melted resin and the die wall.


PPA compare table

BX PPA 5911Dynamar FX 5911DA 310ST
BX PPA 5922Dynamar FX 5922
BX PPA 5920Dynamar FX 5920DA 910
BX PPA 5924Dynamar FX 5924DA 912
BX PPA 9613Dynamar FX 9613
BX PPA 9614Dynamar FX 9614
BX PPA 5922MDynamar FX 5922M
BX PPA 5927MDynamar FX 5927M
BX PPA 5929MDynamar FX 5929M


BX PPA 9614 is a free-flow, white granular fluoropolymer-based process aid. At a very low-level addition (200-800ppm), it can improve thermoplastic extrusion and does not affect the original physical property of the plastics as well as sealing, adhesion, and printing.


All extrudates of LLDPE, HDPE, mLLDPE, LDPE, PP, and other thermoplastics.


Physical properties:

PPA itemProduct FormBulk DensityParticle size/meshVolatile%(wt)
BX PPA 9614Free-flowing Granular1.1<50<0.5


Processing Guide:
PPA dispersion in the resin is critical to the performance. The recommended process is to add PPA via 2% to 3% masterbatch through twin-screw
extruder. The conditioning time is 20-60mins according to the equipment, resin, and shear rate.


– Improve film surface quality by eliminating melt fracture.
– Shorten downtime by reducing die build-up.
– Improve pigment dispersion.
– Increase output and energy saving.
– Improve processability of Low MI resins.

Shelf life:

2 years, below 30℃, avoid extensive humidity and light


Net 20kg, per carton



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