Rhodamine B Dye


C.I.NO: C.I.Basic Violet 10

Cas 81-88-9

Alias: C.I. 45170; C.I. Basic Violet 10; C.I. Food Red 15; C.I. No. 45170; Rhodamine B; Basic Violet 10; Tetraethylrhodamine; Rhodamine B solution; rhodamine B for microscopy; rhodamine B (laser dye); Basic Violet 10 (C.I.); 9-(2-carboxyphenyl)-3,6-bis(diethylamino)xanthylium chloride; N-[9-(2-carboxyphenyl)-6-(diethylamino)-3H-xanthen-3-ylidene]-N-ethylethanaminium chloride; Basic rose red.



Rhodamine B dye is a bright green glittering crystalline powder, soluble in water and alcohol, soluble in cellulose, and slightly soluble in acetone. When it meets concentrated sulfuric acid, it is yellowish brown with strong green fluorescence. After dilution, it turns red to blue red and orange. The aqueous solution is heated with sodium hydroxide to form a rose-red fluffy precipitate.


Rhodamine B is used in the paper industry to dye wax paper, printing paper, glossy paper, colored paper, toilet paper, etc. Used in the manufacture of paints, pictures and other pigments and lakes. Used for the dyeing of acrylic fiber, hemp, silk and other fabrics and the dyeing of straw and leather products. Used for coloring plastics, sanitary incense, matches, and pesticides.



25kgs per fiber drum, 600kgs per pallets.