Benzophenone-6, CAS# 131-54-4


Benzophenone-6 is an efficient UV absorber for polyester film. The transmittance of film treated by benzophenone-6 is greatly reduced for light of wavelengths less than 400 nm, thus allowing the film it to be used as a UV filter.

Chemical Name:

2,2′-Dihydroxy-4,4′-Dimethoxy Benzophenone


Benzophenone-6, BASF Uvinul 3049


Assay 99.0% min
300-400nm 1% max;
450-550nm 90% min;
500nm 95% min.
Melting Point 134.0 ℃ min
Loss On Drying 0.5% max
K value 49 min
Gardner Color 4.0 Max

Handing and Safety: 

For additional handing and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


25kg/plastic bag, 300/500kg per panel