Brominated Epoxy Resin


Product Name : Brominated Epoxy Resin

Equivalent Name: Brominated epoxy polymer

Cas No. : 68928-70-1


Brominated epoxy polymer resin with high flame retardancy. Based on tetrabromobisphenol A epoxy resin polymer, this product has excellent heat resistance, UV resistance and mobility. Mainly used in thermoplastic polymer ABS, HIPS.


◇ high heat stability and thermal aging performance
◇ Excellent processing performance
◇ low precipitation
◇ high UV stability
◇ low corrosive

Typical Properties

ModelAppearanceRange of Softening point(℃)Average molecular weightBromine content(%)Capping agent
EP-1600White powder/granules95-115160049-51/
EP-10KWhite powder/granules130-1401000-1200051-52/
EP-15KWhite powder/granules140-15014000-1600051-53/
EP-20KWhite to light yellow powder/granules140-15318000-2200052-53/
EP-25KLight yellow particles/powder143-15522000-2800052-53/
EP-30KLight yellow particles/powder145-15528000-3200052-54/
EP-50KLight yellow particles/powder148-16046000-5400053-55/
EC-1500White powder/granules90-1051400-160056-59Tribromophenol
EC-15KWhite to light yellow powder/granules135-14513000-1700053-55Tribromophen


25KG Double-layer kraft paper bag


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