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One source for China pigments

Value Source

Only the best is our supplier management strategy. No matter is classical pigment pr53:1, pr48:2, pr48:3 or high-performance pigment pr254, pr122, pv19, etc. There are less than 10 manufacturers for each, among them, less than 5 is really good, our job is to dig into it year by year and find their expertise, ability, product performance, etc.

With regular evaluation every half year, we bring you the right manufacturers every single pigment. Only by doing this, we offer our customer peace of mind. It is where value starts.


10MT PR122 Case

Could trader‘s price lower than manufacturer offer?It’s possible, price is depending on costs and profit, manufacturer’s cost per unit product could be high and could be low. here is what we do to low price.

  1. payment terms, prepaid, cash on delivery, open account, different flexible payment terms and use with other terms like quantity, delivery, etc.
  2. combine split orders or domestic and export order, big orders eg.10mt pr122 or pr254 enable us to bargain directly with manufacturer‘s sales head and get a discount. sometimes we unite dealers in our region to place orders.
  3. joint venture, invest in the really good factory and firmly cooperation is achieved. we in the process of investing in an antioxidant 1010/1076 factory which we had worked together for 10 years.


Batch to Batch Consistency

To maintain quality consistency, we made PP sheet sample very batch and only delivery after inner approval. As an agent of xrite in China, we also able to produce tail-made masterbatch and match customers’ formula.

color-matching-chips-baoxu-chemical info@additivesforpolymer.com

Service and support

Added Value to the Chain

With major focusing on the plastic industry, baoxu chemical served 300+ factories in a decade and the number is growing every year. Equipped with a dedicated and experienced team, our job is to add value to the chain.

Our Technical Team

Bruce- baoxu chemical info@additivesforpolymer.com

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