BX IM 156 Impact Modifier


MBS series are products with a “core-shell” structure and excellent toughness performance. The products of this series are the copolymer of methyl methacrylate(M), butadiene(B), styrene(S) and the fourth functional monomer. These are synthesized resins specially developed to improve the impact strength and processing performance of PVC products. These are especially suitable to make indoor products, such as PVC films, sheets, pipes, pipe fittings, WPC, bottles, and granular materials.
BX IM 156 provides PVC products with superior impact resistance at normal to low temperatures. Replace Dow BTA 707/717, KANEKA B622, ARKEMA C140, LG CHEM MB-872.


♦ Fast fusion
♦ Excellent impact strength.


BX IM 156 are high-efficiency MBS impact modifiers designed for opaque applications.
♦ Extruded or calendered opaque films and sheets
♦ Extruded indoor pipes, and profiles

Typical Properties

Appearance White, free-flowing powder
Powder Density (g/cc) >0.30
Particle size (on 30 mesh) <2.0(%)
Volatiles (%Max) <1.0


25kg or 20kg bags and 250kg or 500kg jumbo bags.


Handling and storage

BX IM 156 impact modifier series should be kept away from flames and other sources of heat.. The Product should be stored in a cool and ventilated area, Adequate precautions should be taken to keep all dust levels below values that are hazardous to health and safety. In case of eye or skin contact, eyes should be flushed immediately with fresh water to remove dust particles and affected skin areas should be washed with soap and water.

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