Antioxidant HP136


Antioxidant HP136 A high-efficiency carbon-free radical scavenger, combined with phenolic and phosphorous acid antioxidants has a significant effect. It is very suitable for polyolefin, polycarbonate surface PC transparent back material, polyester, high-temperature adhesives, lubricants and high-temperature processing aids of polyamide PA6 and PA66. As a carbon center free radical scavenger, this product can significantly inhibit the oxidation caused by it at the initial stage. It is used in combination with low-volatility organic phosphite secondary antioxidants to decompose hydroperoxides during processing and Protect the polymer. It has a synergistic effect with hindered phenol antioxidants, which not only improves processing stability but also provides long-term thermal stability by preventing thermal oxidation during use. Its heat-resistant effect can be further improved by synergistic use with other sulfur-melted auxiliary antioxidants. In the process of plastic processing, the anti-yellowing effect is remarkable.


Chinese product name: Antioxidant HP-136
Molecule: 350.5

CAS NO: 181314-48-7
Product properties: white powder,

Melting point: 130-135C.

Content 98%


1. High-temperature processing of blown film and cast film, flow molding and injection molding, thermoforming 2. High shear blown film, injection molding, spinning 3. High melt viscosity polymer (narrow molecular weight distribution or ultra-high molecular weight polymer)
4. Long residence time pipes, flow molding, and large-scale injection molding/blow molding are suitable for various polymers such as general-purpose, engineering plastics, and rubber.
Packing: Carton lined with plastic, 10kg per bag per carton


It has the following advantages:

1. It can have a better effect at higher processing temperatures.

2. Compared with traditional antioxidants, its dosage can be reduced by at least 50%, which is helpful for compatibility and reduces the cost of users.

3. The melt flow and color retention properties are greatly improved.
4. Melt processing temperature: up to 340 degrees in PP and 300 degrees in PE.

5. Carbon-centered free radical scavengers can inhibit auto-oxidation at the initial germination stage, and at the same time regenerate hindered phenol antioxidants. Make the plastic get the best protection during processing and use. 

Antioxidant Blends

1) Irganox GX-2215——85% B215+15%HP-136 ; PP/HDPE, with high processing stability requirements;

2) Irganox GX-2225——85% B225+15%HP-136; PP/HDPE, not only requires processing stability but also has long-term thermal stability;

3) Irganox GX-2251——57% 1010+28% Irganox 168+15%HP-136; PP/HDPE, not only requires processing stability but also has better long-term thermal stability ;

4) Irganox GX-2411——85% B1411+15%HP-136; PP (TPO) injection molding, film, and flat yarn, which require good performance in preventing gas fumigation and yellowing;

5) Irganox GX-2921——85% B921+15%HP-136; HDPE/LLDPE, requiring superior processing stability;

At the same time, GA-80, a semi-hindered phenolic antioxidant, has also been proposed abroad as an antioxidant for PA, PP, PU, etc. Mainly address good stabilization and “phenol yellow/gas fading” properties during processing and long-term use, similar to all free phenol series.

At present, especially the automotive industry has higher and higher requirements for color stability. The emergence of (the FS042) series, Irganox HP136 series and semi-hindered phenolic GA-80 series antioxidants is a better way to solve this problem. of antioxidants.


Handling and Safety: 

For additional handling and toxicological information, please consult us for Maternal Safety Date Sheet.


20kgs per bag.