Carboxymethyl cellulose(CMC)


Carboxymethylcellulose with the character of emulsifying and gel protection, Carboxymethylcellulose(CMC) will produce the anion during washing and it makes the washed surface and the dirt granule negatively charged. So, the dirt granule has the phase separation property in the aqueous phase and has repellency with the washed material surface of the solid phase. Place dirt then deposits on the washed material, and it can make the white textile keep the whiteness and the colored textile bright.


CAS Number: 9000-11-7

Formula C8H15NaO8

synonyms Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (Na CMC), carboxymethylcellulose sodium


Physical formWhite or cream-colored powder
PH (1% solution)8-11.5
Viscosity (1% solution Brookfield 25°C dry basis)5-40mPas
Degree of substitution0.5-0.7
Loss on drying≤10%
Purity (%)≥55%


Packaging and Storage

Net 25kgs per bag, 1000kgs per pallet, 20MT per 20GP


Carboxymethyl cellulose sds baoxu chemical

Carboxymethyl cellulose sds baoxu chemical

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