Antioxidant Irganox L 64

Chemical Name:

Antioxidant Irganox L 64 is a mixture of aminic and high molecular weight phenolic antioxidants for lubricants.



Appearance Reddish brown clear liquid
Viscosity @40℃ ℃ 800-2800 mPa·s
Density @20 ℃ 0.9700-1.1000g/cm



⚫ Approved by FDA/USA for use in blending lubricants with incidental food contact.
⚫ 100% activity.
⚫ Low volatility.
⚫ Good oil solubility.
⚫ Easy pumping.
⚫ No diluents.



Antioxidant Irganox L64 is mainly used in the field of lubricating oil, which can effectively improve the oxidation stability of oil products. It can protect lubricants against high-temperature oxidation and nitro-oxidation, significantly reduce the formation of glue carbon, paint film, sludge, etc., and extend the service life of oil products. Recommended dosage: Industrial lubricants, 0.5-0.7%; Metal working fluids, 0.3-1.0%; Engine oil, 0.2-0.8%.
Solubility in finished fluid must be checked. The product may solidify after prolonged storage. Heat up to 60 °C in order to reliquefy. Under light exposure, Antioxidant Irganox L64, and lubricants formulated, it may turn darker upon prolonged storage.



Antioxidant Irganox L64 should be stored in a cool, dry, and ventilated place and be kept away from moisture and heat.