BX FR calcium hypophosphite


Product Name: BX FR CPC
Chemical Name: Calcium hypophosphite, also known as calcium hypophosphite, was used in chemical plating and animal nutrition in the early days. English name Calcium hypophosphite, English alias calcium phosphinate; phosphinolate, 1-oxo-, calcium salt (2:1).


Typical properties:

2) Chemical formula: Ca(HPO2)2
3) CAS NO.:7789-79-93
4) EINECS:232-190-8
5) Relative molecular mass: 170.06
6) Phosphorus content: 36.46%
7)decomposition temperature(1% mass loss):≥360.0℃



Properties: White crystalline powder, soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol. The solubility in water at room temperature is 16.7g/100g water. Its aqueous solution is slightly acidic



1) Used in medicine, chemical nickel plating, etc., and can also be used as animal nutrition and drug synthesis reagents. For example: Scott brand cod liver oil nutritional supplement contains 414mg of calcium hypophosphite per 15ml.
2) Currently, some flame retardants such as polyolefins and unsaturated resins are also used in industry.
3) By compounding synergistic flame retardants, this series of products can be used for flame retardancy in polypropylene, polyester, and nylon. Calcium hypophosphite has poor flame retardant efficiency on nylon, polyester, and TPE. Compared with aluminum hypophosphite, the flame retardant efficiency of calcium hypophosphite is lower, but the flame retardant has better thermal stability, and the odor of the processing process and products is smaller.


Each bag has a net weight of 25 kilograms. It is lined with aluminum foil and the outer bag is a paper-plastic coated bag. It is stored and transported as non-toxic and non-dangerous goods. Pay attention to fire protection, moisture-proof and sun protection, and store it in a cool and dark place away from light.

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