Flame Retardant Fyrolflex BDP


Product Name: Bisphenol A bis(Diphenyl Phosphate) (BDP)

Equivalent Name: Chemtura Reofos BAPP; Supresta Fyrolflex BDP; Albemarle NcendX P‐30

Cas No. : 5945‐33‐5 or 181028‐79‐5

Molecular Weight: 692.6

Chemical Structure:

Bisphenol-A bis(diphenyl phosphate) chemical structure baoxu chemical


BDP is a halogen‐free bisphosphate flame retardant used in engineered resins, It has low volatility, excellent hydrolytic stability, and high thermal stability that can tolerate the high processing temperature required for engineered resins. It is recommended for use in PC/ABS, PPO/HIPS, epoxy resins.

Typical Properties

Appearance Colorless Transparent Liquid

Color APHA…80 max

N=1 content %80‐89

Phosphorus content (Theory) %89

TPP content(wt) %30 max

IPP content(wt) %005 max

Phenol content ppm…500 max

Acidity(mg KOH/g)01 max

Water content (wt) %01 max

Density(25 °C ,g/cm3) 1260±0012

Dynamic Viscosity (40°C ,mPa∙s)1800‐2600


5% weight loss 371°C

10% weight loss 397°C

50% weight loss 444°C

These properties are typical but do not constitute a specification either in part or as a whole. Specification data is available on request from sales, customer service or customer technical service.


Transportation classification: No regulation for transportation.

Packing: 250kg / drum.4Drums / pallet. 20mt/20’fcl

TDS / MSDS Download

DBDPE Decabromodiphenyl ether 84852-53-9 msds baoxu chemical

BDP Bisphenol-A bis(diphenyl phosphate) 5945-33-5 tds baoxu chemical