Antioxidant, UV Stabilizer, Pigment, and Dyes For Synthetic Fiber

Polymer fiber is a subset of human-made fibers, which are based on synthetic chemicals (often from petrochemical sources) rather than arising from natural materials by a purely physical process.

Most common polymer fiber includes

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Pigment and Dyes For Fibre

Requirements of pigment in spun-dyeing

  1. Dispersion, pigment shall dispense in the binder and compatible with the polymers.
  2. Meet acid or alkali resistance requirement based on spinning conditions.
  3. Good storage stability, especially for the liquid form.
  4. Pigment shall have limited effect on fiber strength and extension length.
  5. Pigment shall provide fiber with shall have good fastness properties.
  6. Pigment shall not affect polymerization.
  7. Light resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance properties.

Pigments used in spun-dyeing

The pigment of thalidomide, quinacridone, perylene, dioxazine carbazole, quinoline phthalocyanine, phthalocyanines is used for fiber spun-dyeing.

Requirements of dyes in spun-dyeing

  1. Only for PET fiber and PA fiber, mainly solvent dyes, very few dispersion dyes.
  2. Anthraquinone for green, blue, violet color dyes.
  3. Thalidomide structure for red and orange color dyes.
  4. Quinoline phthalocyanine structure for yellow color dyes.
  5. Phthalocyanines structure for blue color dyes.